Training and Development Opportunities

Halton Borough Council Courses

Free Courses for all Halton Residents available;

•  Understanding your child: from toddler to teenager (6 mths - 19+ years)

•  Understanding your child with additional needs (6 mths - 19+ years)

•  Understanding your teenager's brain

•  Understanding your child's feelings

•  Understanding your child's mental health and wellbeing

•  Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your teenager

•  Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your child

•  Understanding your brain (for teenagers only!)

•  Understanding your feelings (for teenagers only!)

•  Understanding your relationships

•  Understanding your own trauma

To access free code: Together


Local community centres offer a variety of courses from basic cooking lessons in which parents and children learn to cook nutritious meals together to parent wellbeing courses, these are all free to access and usually run for approximately 5-6 weeks.

Brookvale community centre: