Cost-of-Living Payment


Many parent/carers are feeling a bit lost over when each cost-of-living payment will be made, especially regarding the latest £150 disability payment.


Here's a breakdown of the payments that have either been made or are ongoing.



If you haven't received £150 for each child on DLA/PIP or another disability benefit, don't worry. A few parents already have, but most will be get it in early October.
Some families have also received £150 for one child but not the other. This is also normal, as payments are being made on an individual basis.


For more information on the government's cost-of-living support package, visit our website


Once all payments have gone through, you can report a missing payment here:


Student and Family Liaison Manager


Hello, my name is Donna Tofts and after teaching at The Cavendish High Academy for eight years I am now in the privileged position to work as the Student and Family Liaison Manager. I will be working with students and families across the Academy including providing Careers Advice and information on life beyond Cavendish. 
I look forward to supporting our amazing young people and working alongside parents and carers.