School Council

We currently have nine pupils who have been democratically elected and represent our pupils on Student Council from across Upper FLD, Lower FLD & Key Stage 3. The focus for Student Council this year is to develop our outside area. We are keen for all students to enjoy their time outside and we are looking for new equipment to make our break times fun for everyone.

Our charity focus this year is Baby Basics, who are based on the Wirral. This is a an exciting project that supports new mothers and their families who are struggling to meet their babies needs. We will be holding a fundraising event in the Spring term with more information to follow.

We have already planned and held Halloween afternoon which was a great success and a fantastic Christmas Disco which was enjoyed by many of our friends across the school. Our next planned event will be a Valentines Disco which we are really looking forward to.

So far this year we have covered topics such as

  • The role of democracy and MP's
  • Developing a personal improvement target to improve while serving our 2 years on the council
  • Developing our communication skills to express our wishes and feelings in different settings

We enjoy representing student council and continue to look forward to the challenges ahead.