Speech and Language Therapy


Speech and Language therapy at Cavendish is coordinated by Chatterbug. 

Chatterbug have been commissioned by the Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning group to provide Speech and Language Therapy Services across schools.  

'ChatterBug Speech and Language Therapy is a social enterprise founded in 2008. We have been commissioned by Halton Borough Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Group to provide Speech and Language Therapy Services to Halton, Widnes and Runcorn areas. At Halton, we work closely with all those involved with the child to ensure that Speech and Language therapy is embedded into their daily routine. This includes a focus on working with and supporting parents/carers and education settings.' 

- Chatterbug Halton Website 

 Young People are referred for Speech and Language support by the school or other professionals. A tailored program is then put together for the child and delivered by class and intervention staff. Regular update meetings then ensure that pupils are always working on the most relevant targets.

Chatterbug Referral Process

- Parents/school/health visitor complete the online referral form

- The completed referral is received on the systems, the referrer will be notified upon receipt.

- The referral is triaged by a member of their team leading to two possible outcomes:
        - If the referral is fully completed and meets all criteria, this is added to the Awaiting Initial Assessment List (move to step 4)
        - If the referral is incomplete or not accepted, the parent/school (referrer) will be contacted to discuss this.

Parent/school contacted by a member of the admin team to book an Initial Assessment.

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