NHS Cadets

NHS Cadets is a new scheme created in partnership with the NHS, providing opportunities to explore roles in healthcare. It is aimed at young people aged 14 to 18 who are from communities currently under-represented within the NHS and St John Ambulance.

We aim to reach a diverse range of young people who have barriers to entering health volunteering or a healthcare career.  It might be the first time a young person has considered a future in this sector, and we aim to support them as they take their first steps.

The NHS Cadets Programme is run by St John Ambulance in partnership with your local NHS trust or healthcare provider. 

The Cavendish High Academy has the opportunity to pilot the Foundation Pathway, being one of the first SEND Schools to use the scheme as a facilitator for Careers. The pilot takes place within Post 16 department. 

The Cavendish High Academy's long term objectives for NHS Cadets - 

- Students to learn of the career opportunities within the NHS

- Students to gain knowledge, skills an experience for employment

- A mutually beneficial relationship to be built between the school and a local trust

NHS Cadets Foundation SOW