The Cavendish High Academy, in the first instance, measures and assesses its career programme against the Gatsby Career Benchmarks.  The impact of its programme is assessed through both pupil and parent voice as well as feedback from professional partnerships.

In relationship to other parts of the curriculum and other policies Careers education is conducted in accordance with the School’s equal opportunities policy, work related learning, CEIAG policy and other relevant policies. The whole school remit of careers is recognised and the whole careers related curriculum is currently being developed and reviewed alongside that of other areas so that careers education is an integral part of the whole school curriculum.

Our overall aim is to support our students in making well informed and realistic career decisions for the future. We do this by providing:

  • individual careers guidance for students in Year 9 and above.
  • access to up to date careers information.
  • links with local employers.

If you require any additional advice or guidance on careers education please contact either;

Donna Tofts  - Careers Coordinator


John Munro - Careers Leader