School Health

School have not officially been told the of our new named public health community nurse.

The Public Health nurse your son/daughter sees for immunisations, they may also attend annual review, CAF, Child in Need and Child Protection meetings as well as supporting health education in school. 

The Public Health nurse co-ordinates and oversees clinical care for young people and ensures that the school are supported by health professionals to meet the needs of students with complex medical needs. 

The Public Health nurse supports a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach to care, to accommodate the complex health needs of children  who are educated within the our school environment and children in the wider community.

  • You can discuss any problems or concerns about your child with the nurse.
  • Your child’s growth and development will be monitored at regular intervals as needed.
  • We can offer continence advice and support of the continence service
  • Compiling a health care plan if necessary.
  • Liaising with other professionals involved in the care of your child.e.g physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapists, social care
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Training and advice
  • Immunisation updates
  • Liaising with teaching staff and parents is a vital part of our role and we are always available in school by phone or just drop in

The Public Health Nurse will support you and your child in regular school clinics with sessions from the following professionals where appropriate:

  • Community Paediatrician
  • Dietician
  • Orthoptists 

Everything you talk to us about is confidential unless you tell us that a child or an adult is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm.

If we need to discuss anything with someone else, this will only be done after we have explained the reasons for doing it. It often helps if your child’s teacher knows about health problems so we will encourage parents / carers to share health information with school.

After all a child needs to be healthy and happy to enable them to learn and achieve.

You can contact them on the following number 01928 593 096