Advice for Students

Careers Programme at The Cavendish High School Academy


At The Cavendish High Academy we place a great emphasis on our students having a careers programme in place that ensures that they are well equipped for the future and have the information needed to make realistic and informed decisions about further education, training and employment. This starts as soon as they arrive at school in Year 7 and builds significantly through Year 8 to Year 14. We make every effort to support all of our students into a positive destination that utilises their skills and interests. We do this through a careers programme with the involvement of local employers and organisations.


Career Activities by Year Group

Year 7 & 8

Year 7 and 8 is all about developing self-awareness and discovering the types of careers that are out there in the big wide world;

  • Introduction to Careers – raise awareness of different jobs and discussion on the different jobs roles in our school.
  • Employer Talks
  • A-Z of Careers
  • Timeline of key events in our life and identifying skills and qualities
Year 9
  • Considering Options – introduction to the careers websites and linking aspirations to careers
  • Local labour market - who are our local employers
  • Employer Talk
  • Individual guidance interviews
Year 10
  • Raising aspirations and stereotyping - what's right for me
  • Employer Talk
  • Individual guidance interviews
Year 11
  • Decision Making
  • Self-Awareness recap
  • Opportunity Awareness – apprenticeships, traineeships, supported internships and further education
  • Financial Support for students
  • Careers Day, with visits from local employers, colleges and training providers.
  • Employer talk and visit
  • Visits to local employment environments
  • College Taster Day (transition)
  • Individual guidance interviews
Year 12-14

All students work towards a qualification in Employability. Students also complete the activities below to enhance their learning.

  • Vocational Tasters and visits to different working environments to compare and contrast (construction workshops, modern busy offices, animal care, horticulture and engineering)
  • CV Writing/updating and covering letters
  • Application forms and where to look for jobs
  • Interview Preparation including a mock interview with local employers
  • Financial Capability for students
  • Sessions with Job Centre Plus around applying for jobs, interview preparation and local labour market information
  • Visits to local colleges and training providers
  • Apprenticeship Workshop.
  • Individual work placements linked to a student’s vocational interests.
  • Individual guidance interviews
  • Regular Career Planning updates

If you have any questions or require further information or support around career opportunities please contact John Munro/Donna Tofts (Careers Lead) at school. You are also able to complete your own research by visiting the National Careers Service website -